Life’s hard under the porch


So we recently had a new addition to our domestic zoo. It all started when I came back from a hard day in the sixth grade and my dad said “Guess what I saw today?” and I said “what?” expecting it to be some guy he worked with that he saw running errands but it was not. I was informed of a tiny gray and white kitten he found in front of our house that ran away when he tried to pet him. I immediately named him Felipe and was told by my dad not to get attached,we weren’t keeping it. The next day he was spotted in our bush at night, my mom and I ran out and I was told to stay and watch him while she got us shoes but it was 20 degrees and I was wearing a nightgown so I wasn’t pleased. He got away but I called for a name change from Felipe to Leo,my favorite character for Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series, I’m obsessed with those books.


Leo Valdez


My mom started putting out food for Leo and my dad (much to my dismay) started mocking the name Leo and calling him Lazlo, the name of a man from a movie who lived in the walls. Soon Leo started living under our porch, once we even saw him watching Jurassic Park through the window but that night my mom went out to put food down for him and came back in holding him. I naturally freaked out. But it turned out he was super sweet. The weird thing is though our old cat Dwayne died a couple months ago and this cat was born at the same time, has the same markings, and the same attitude. Coincidence? I think not. My dad finally gave in and made me sign a contract stating all the thing I’ll do to keep him. He requested another name change and we called him Bilbo Baggypants because of how fluffy his legs were.
bilbo baggy pants
Once we were sure he was healthy mom said he was mine and I finally gave him a real name Percy Dwayne Nicely. I named him Percy after Percy Jackson.


See the resemblance?




SEAL training on cornado

While we were on our vacation one of the things that happened was Navy SEAL training on our hotel’s beach. We were eating in the outdoor restaurant (isn’t California great) and we saw people roping off the beach. We asked our waitress what was going on and she said there was a seal on the beach. Thinking there was a injured seal on the beach we finished dinner quickly and hurried to the beach to see. No seal.

We had no idea what was going on till the Navy SEALS arrived in rubber boats. They came on to the beach and did a lot of exercises I would not enjoy. Like push-ups with their feet on the boat. I would not do well in that. I exercise, but when I’m asked to do push-ups in gym class, I will complain.

Then, they ran into the ocean rolled around and came back out. First time I went into the ocean I was freezing, the water had to be about 20 degrees. I can’t imagine what it was like at night. Then they climbed really big rocks with the boat over their head. I call it Mount Impossible. First day here I tried to climb them and here is what happened, I tripped and fell and stubbed my toe. There were barnacles and oysters and coral which contributed to the fact I slid off a rock or two or three or four. I was amazed by how wonderful they preformed these tasks.

Also, they were told if they didn’t do good they would be recycled to Sargent Wilkowski! He sounds fun! After, we got ice cream and met no other than Norman Reedus ( you will only know who that is if you watch Walking Dead, he plays Daryl or crossbow guy as my dad calls him).  It was a very eventful day!



Hotel del Coronado

We recently went to San Diego for our annual summer vacation. I learned a few things on our trip, a few of which are, I do not do well on planes and just because your hotel is haunted, that does not always mean you will see a ghost. Anyway, we stayed at the Hotel Del Coronado a really cool old hotel with shops, an ice cream store, restaurants, a candy store and a big history.

Welcome to Hotel del Cornado!

Welcome to hotel del cornado!

 The hotel has a really cool history! The movie Some Like it Hot was filmed there and for those who have not seen it, it plays twenty-four seven in the gift shop. The writer L. Frank Baum (writer of The Wizard of Oz) stayed there and wrote one of his books. He also created the chandeliers in the crown room which are truly beautiful.

Royalty has stayed there and a lot of presidents. The hotel is haunted by a ghost of a women who was shot! I did not see her but are TV would fizz and the weird part was it was only on commercials if the ghost was doing it, then she seemed to not want us to miss parts of the show.

The hotel was very pretty it had an elevator but it went very slow and was operated by a very old man in a hat that made him look like a flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz. Also they show one of these men in some like It hot and I can guess by the age of that man it was the same guy. The hotel smells faintly of cats but I guess that is a historic smell.IMG_0537

All in all it was a good trip!



The Glory Of Sharknado!!!!


Ahhh sharknado, what fun. Sharks picked up in tornados, sharks in the swimming pool, or my personal favorite scene when the main character reaches into the shark and pulls out the person who has already been eaten! What are the odds!?!

You know what would have made the situation worse? Sharknado/attack of the killer tomatoes of course! What is Syfy going to come up with next, a volcano filled with a monkey/chipmunk a chipmonkey (my dad’s creation)? Or, ooh ooh ooh a hurricane of sharktopuses! I mean that sharktopus is already a movie so just make a bunch of them and throw them into a hurricane! It is that easy!! That’s how you do it!



Saving The Great White Shark

There aren’t very many great white sharks left in the world. They are being caught for their fins in a huge demand for shark fin soup. To learn more on how to save the sharks watch Shark Men on Discovery Channel or visit   Lets save these beautiful giants before they go extinct!!!!!!

Saving the Snow Leopard

There are about only 7,000 snow leopards left in the world they are being poached for there fur and bones. Snow leopards are beautiful animals forced to hunt cattle to survive. It is unfair there being poached and having there homes taken away from them.  If you want to help these these beautiful animals go to today there future is in are hands!